Obamacare, how it affects Lyme Patients

At this point, ObamaCare doesn’t make any difference for Lyme treatment. The decisions to refuse treatment or to treat only for a few weeks rest with the insurance companies. That hasn’t changed. The easy definition is that more people can get insurance coverage. Obama Lyme

  • Insurances can’t reject you any more for pre-existing conditions.
  • Children can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26.
  • Insurance companies have to put 85% of the money they take in actually caring for sick people; ie. the amount of profits they can make is limited for the first time.
  • There are no annual or life-time caps on your insurance any more, ie. patients’ policies can no longer be canceled just because their treatment costs too much.
  • If you don’t make enough money to pay for insurance on your own, the government will assist you. There may be some other programs that open up as well.
  • There will be insurance exchanges in each state where people can shop around for more affordable coverage, effective in 2014.

I hope that the overhaul of the health care system will continue to break the almighty power and greed of the insurance companies so that patients indeed come first. To date, Rhode Island is the only state where Lyme is covered by the insurances.

The research and for developing pharmaceutical products or medical diagnostics involving all  Patents and Other Genomic Inventions” dramatically changed as of Thursday, July 13, 2000.

Under ObamaCare, the Medical Oversight Board set up the National Healthcare Program Medical Guidelines for permissible patient care treatments and allowable in-plan coverage. Which diseases are undesirable to treat? Ones that are open-ended, of course. HIV is an open-ended disease, one with no end to the patient drug maintenance treatments or medical procedures for quality of life, because there is no foreseeable cure. Fortunately, it is a political hot potato program that garnered a lot of funding, research efforts and focus because of gay rights issues.  Many other illnesses, however, are deserving of the same attentions too, but lack political clout or public notoriety. Lyme Disease is one of the casualties.

The dilemma is that Lyme Disease is open-ended treatment and is a "Big Pharma" (Pharmaceutical Industrial Giants) political football. It is seen as a gateway research disease to understanding and unlocking the world of stem cell research and Big Pharma profits.  But, it is also viewed as too costly to treat because it is open ended and the Obamacare Gatekeepers, the Medical Oversight Board, wants to keep Lyme disease in check by "coordinating" with Big Pharma to clinically define the disease cured after a four week treatment period with routine antibiotics. Further prophylactic medicinal drug maintenance is discouraged because after four weeks it is deemed a psychosomatic condition due to imagined feelings of malaise and tiredness. This joint concurrence documents elimination of further medicine treatments and allowable compensation for that coverage. he ObamaCare Healthcare Program is now off the hook to treat the patients further due to this clinical finding. The private insurance companies are now off the hook too. Here is a glaring example about cooperation between Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Private Insurance within a grossly broken national health system. Sadly this is just one way of the many "short-cuts" of the Obamacare patient coverage gaining negative recognition.

The patenting of gene fragments is controversial too. Some say that patenting such discoveries is inappropriate because any given EST, expressed sequence tags of gene fragments, the effort to find it is small compared with the actual long laborious work of isolating and characterizing a gene and gene product, finding out what it does, and then developing a commercial product. Some researchers feel that allowing holders of such "gatekeeper" patents to exercise undue control over the commercial fruits of genome research would be unfair.

The apparent coalition of Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Insurance for their mutual benefit is obvious in controlling patient services oversight too.

  • Can a free open market program where Insurance companies cross state lines to bring in more competition along with tort reforms for litigation lawyer fees and reduced damage awards bring down medical costs?
  • What can be done about high Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing costs which produce expensive drugs in order to recapture costs and return profits, which is another major patient concern? 
  • Have you talked to your own physician about your concern on these issues?

You now can decide if the Federal Government is looking out for your best interests through the National ObamaCare Health Program.  Read what is being promoted on the official CDC website.

Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome

(Excerpted Information Provided by C.D.C)

Approximately 10 to 20% of patients treated for Lyme disease with a recommended 2-4 week course of antibiotics will have lingering symptoms of fatigue, pain, or joint and muscle aches. In some cases, these can last for more than 6 months. Although often called “chronic Lyme disease,” this condition is properly known as “Post-treatment Lyme disease Syndrome” (PTLDS).

The exact cause of PTLDS is not yet known. Most medical experts believe that lingering symptoms are due to residual damage to the tissues and the immune system that occurred during the infection. Similar complications and auto-immune responses are known to occur following other infectious diseases.

In contrast, a few health care providers tell patients that these symptoms reflect persistent infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. However, there is no credible scientific evidence that PTLDS is caused by persistent infection. More importantly, studies have shown that patients treated with prolonged courses of antibiotics do not do better than patients treated with placebo."

Tom S.

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